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Waste Management will Give Us Two More Weeks of Garbage Service  

Dear Wakulla County Citizens: 

can 100 The sudden and unexpected decision by Waste Management to stop garbage pickup surprised many residents, including me.  Wakulla County does not provide any garbage pickup and we are not prepared to step into the void created by Waste Management’s exodus.

However, garbage pickup will resume tomorrow.  Mr. Joe Blanchard, our new county administrator, worked nonstop with Waste Management administration and convinced them to resume garbage pickup for the next two weeks to allow other private trash pickup companies to sign up customers.  Other private companies include:

J&C Garbage             (926-1836)

G&S Trash                  (926-9679)

M&J Garbage             (926-5888)

Tim Merkison             (421-1193)

Quantum Services    (926-2403)

The Trash Masters    (997-2027)

I would like to reemphasize, Waste Management never had a contract with the county to provide services.  Garbage pickup in Wakulla County is a private business.

To address a “rumor.”  Waste Management has told some residents that the reason they are pulling out of Wakulla County is due to the Wakulla transfer station not allowing trucks to unload garbage.  This was a short-term problem in Feb of this year but the solid waste department quickly corrected the problem.  Waste Management is also leaving all of Leon County and Tallahassee by the end of this year.


Ed Brimner
Wakulla County Commissioner, District III
(850) 251-8709  (Cell)
850) 926-0919  (Office)
(850) 926-0940  (FAX)

Note from Publisher:  According to Robert at the landfill, Residential Garbage Service is currently not taking new customers. 

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