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Local Garbage Service May Provide Curbside Recycling in Wakulla has been running a poll for the past few months on the site asking readers if their household currently recycles its trash.  The options were:  

  No; but would if curbside service was available

A total of 570 readers answered the poll, and the results were as follows:

47.5% of  readers (271 votes) answered "No, but would if curbside service was available";   

33.9% of readers (193 votes) answered "Always"; 

9.6% of readers (55 votes) answered "Never";

and 8.9% (51 votes) answered "Sometimes".

Well, guess what?  The majority of poll takers may soon get their wish.  Jim Bouton of Quantum Garbage Services is interested in providing curbside pickup to residential neighborhoods in Wakulla County at no charge (thanks Bob!).  He is planning to target the more heavily populated areas first, such as Songbird, The Farm, and other established neighborhoods in Wakulla County.  This would also include the area of Shell Point.  You do not have to be a regular Quantum customer to take advantage of this new service.

If enough interest is generated, Jim would like to provide the service on a weekly basis.  He plans to initially pick up plastic, aluminum, glass, and newspaper.  Other items may be added later.  He is also planning to provide special containers for those who decide to subscribe to the service.  

In order to make this happen, Jim needs your help.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please contact him at 508-9169 to let him know.  The more folks who want to take advantage of the service, the better the chances of it actually becoming a reality.  He would like to get at least 100 subscribers.

Help Wakulla County become a more "green" community!  Please call Jim today and let him know that you are interested in taking advantage of his gracious offer.

This article originally published on July 3, 2008.

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