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Wakulla County Recycling Program:  What Can and Cannot  Be Recycled

{sidebar id=1}What we recycle:


Paper Board (Cereal & Cracker Boxes)


Plastic Milk Jugs
Glass Jars
Aluminum and Metal Cans
Soda/Beer Cans
Glass Bottles
Plastic Bottles


Old metal

recycled items 100.gifDo:

Make sure you rinse out bottles and containers; you can leave on labels and the caps.

Do break down your cardboard boxes.


Don't put contaminated paper in your recycling.  Soiled or coated fibers, such as pizza boxes, napkins, or frozen food boxes are not recyclable.

Although many materials are recyclable, Wakulla County cannot recycle them because there are no markets for the products at this time.  Here are some common examples of materials that cannot be recycled in Wakulla County:

Plastic containers - such as butter tubs or pill bottles (the rule of thumb on plastic is that you can only recycle it if it has a neck and screw on top).

Plastic Bags - Wakulla County does not accept plastic bags; however some retailers such as Publix or Wal-Mart will accept and recycle plastic bags.

Styrofoam - Wakulla County has no way to recycle Styrofoam at this time; however, Publix will accept and recycle Styrofoam egg trays.

Food Boxes - Coated papers, such as frozen food boxes, are not recyclable.

Corningware or Ceramics - Wakulla County is only able to recycle clear, green and brown glass.

For more information, call Harold Gavin at (850)926-7010 (office) or (850)519-5706 (cell).

This information originally published on March 5, 2008.

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