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Board of County Commissioners
Wakulla County, Florida
Regular Public Meeting
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
5:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioner Brock

Approval of Agenda

(The Chairman and members of the Board will approve and/or modify the official agenda at this time.)

Public Hearing

(Public Hearings are held as required to receive public comments on matters of special importance or as prescribed by law.  Public Hearings shall be heard at 5:00pm, or soon thereafter.  Individual speakers are encouraged to adhere to a three (3) minute time limit.  The Chairman has the discretion to either extend or reduce time limits, based on the number of speakers.)

Awards and Presentations

(Members of the Board will have the opportunity to acknowledge members of the community or commendable efforts at this time.  Presentations will be made from individuals concerning issue of importance.)

Courthouse Landscaping Project – Joann Palmer, Keep Wakulla County Beautiful

Announcement of Operation Santa Success – Bruce Ashley

(To ensure fairness and encourage participation, citizens who would like to speak on any item will need to fill out a speaker’s card and turn in to Ms. Welch prior to the beginning of discussion on that particular item.  Citizens are allowed a maximum of 3 minutes to speak.)

Citizens to be Heard

(Citizens will be heard between 6:30p.m. and 7:00p.m., or if the meeting concludes prior to 6:30p.m. or 7:00p.m. citizens will then be heard at the end of the meeting where applicable.  Three (3) minute time limit; non-discussion by Commission; there shall be no debate and no action by the Commission.)


(All items contained herein may be voted on with one motion.  Consent items are considered to be routine in nature, are typically non-controversial and do not deviate from past Board direction or policy.  However, any Commissioner, the County Administrator, or the County Attorney may withdraw an item from the consent agenda, either in writing prior to the meeting, or at the beginning of the meeting and it shall then be voted on individually.  Every effort shall be made to provide such a request to the Chairman at least 24 hours before the meeting.)

1.    Approval of Minutes – January 10, 2012 Regular Board Meeting
       (Brent X. Thurmond, Clerk of Court)

2.    Approval of Payment of Bills and Vouchers Submitted for January 5, 2012 – January 18, 2012
       (Brent X. Thurmond, Clerk of Court)

3.    Request Board Approval of Temporary Road Closure for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17, 2012
       (Henry Wells, Lions Club)

4.    Request Board Approval to Advertise Public Hearings to Consider Text Amendments to Section 2-4 and Section 6-1 of the Land Development Code, Pertaining to Accessory Uses
       (Melissa Corbett, Planner II)

5.    Request Board Approval to Accept and Award the Low Bid for the SCRAP Project – Roadway Improvements to Rehwinkel Road (ITB #2012-5) to Peavy and Son Construction Company, Inc.
       (Cleve Fleming, Public Works Director)

6.    Request Board Approval and Authorization to Execute the Agreement with Applied Sustainability Enterprises for the Big Bend Scenic Byway Plan Implementation
       (Pam Portwood, TDC Director)

7.    Request Board Approval of the 2012 Budget Schedule
       (Will Wright, OMB Analyst)

8.    Request Board Consideration to Award SHIP Purchase Assistance to Lee Pittman for Down Payment and Closing Cost on a Newly Constructed Home
       (Sonora Walker, Meridian Community Services Group)

    9.    Request Board Confirmation of the Public Information Director Appointment
           (David Edwards, County Administrator)

    Consent Items Pulled for Discussion

    (Members requesting further information on items placed under “Consent Agenda,” may withdraw those items and place them here, for further discussion.)

    Planning and Zoning

    (Members will be provided with planning and zoning amendment requests five (5) business days prior to the scheduled meeting.  To the maximum extent possible, all support information and documentation for P&Z items shall be made available through a variety of means including the County website that will provide the public with the greatest opportunity to review documentation at the date of advertisement pursuant to Resolution No. 04-43.  “In accordance with Sec. 24.01 of County Code, for all quasi-judicial proceedings each Commission member must disclose all contact received from interested parties and/or their representatives, lobbyists, or any other third parties concerning any application and any personal investigation or knowledge being relied upon during the consideration of any quasi-judicial planning and zoning matters”.)

    10.  Application for Site Plan SP11-17-Auto Zone

    General Business

    (General Business items are items of a general nature that require Board directions or pertain to Board policy.)

      11.  Request Board Approval of an Amendment to Extend the Professional Planning and Engineering Consultant Services with Kimley-Horn and Associates through March 20, 2013
             (Timothy Barden, Assistant County Administrator)

      Commissioner Agenda Items

      (Items with supporting documentation shall be provided by a Commissioner to the County Administrator three (3) business days prior to the scheduled meeting.  Items that are agendaed by Commissioners and fail to gain approval may not be replaced on the agenda by a Commissioner on the non-prevailing side for a period of six (6) months without approval of the Chairman unless there is substantive new information to present.)

      12.  Commissioner Artz

      a.    Request Board Approval to Partner with 1000 Friends of Florida on a Coastal Partnership Initiative Grant

      b.    Request Board Approval of a Resolution Creating the Wakulla County Community Center Advisory Committee

      13.  Commissioner Moore

      a.   Request Board Consideration and Approval of a Resolution In Support of Eliminating Marine Net Mesh Limitations

        b.   Request Board Consideration and Approval of a Resolution in Support of Wakulla County Exemption from Gag Grouper Season Limitations

        County Attorney

        (County Attorney items are items of a legal nature that require Board direction or represent general information to Board Members, staff or the public.)

        County Administrator

        (County Administrator items are items that require Board direction or represent general information to Board Members, staff or the public.)

        Discussion Issues by Commissioners

        (The purpose of this section is for Commissioners to request staff action on various issues, including scheduling of a future agenda item for later Board action, based on the approval of a majority of the Board.  No assignments or request for agenda items shall be given to the County Administrator or County Attorney without the express approval of the majority of the Board.  The Board shall take no policy action without an agenda item unless such is accomplished through a unanimous vote of the Board.  The remarks of each Commissioner during his or her “discussion items” shall adhere to Robert Rules of Order, for proper decorum and civility as enforced by the Chairman.)


        (Any departure from the order of business set forth in the official agenda shall be made only upon majority vote of the members of the Commission present at the meeting.)

        The next Board of County Commissioners Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

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