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fire-msbu-187Crawfordville, Florida – At the September 9, 2010 Public Hearing, the Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners approved the Fire Protection.

The purpose of this assessment is to fund fire protection services benefiting property located within the unincorporated and incorporated areas of the County.

Previously, all residential property owners were assessed $65.00.  Beginning October 1, 2010, the following newly adopted rate schedule will take affect and be reflected on the tax bill in November:
  • Residential Property = $61.00 per dwelling unit
  • Non-Residential Property = $0.05 per square foot
  • Agricultural/Vacant Property = $0.14 per acre

In an effort to assist the “Low Income Persons” who meet the eligibility criteria with the financial burden created by the imposition of the Fire Protection Assessment, the Board included a Hardship Assistance Program.  

In order to apply for hardship assistance under the FY 2010-11 Fire Rescue Services Special Assessment Program, the applicant must complete a Hardship Assistance Application and have it filed with the County Administrator’s Office for consideration prior to October 1, 2010.  To learn more about the eligibility criteria you may access the Hardship Assistance Application on the County website ( or pick up a copy at the County Administration Office, 3093 Crawfordville Hwy.

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