Letters-EditorDear Editor,

Please Save our Springs  

At a recent debate (Wakulla County District 2 election between Derek Howard and Randy Merritt) Mr. Howard stood his ground on one issue that is sure to be divisive:  Water bottling.   He made it clear that he would oppose water bottling where a few make profits off of what belongs to us all, while harming the source (and the abundant life that depends on that source) from where the water would be extracted.  Randy Merritt has "no problem" with withdrawing and bottling Wakulla's water. 

Hydrogeologist, Dr. Todd Kincaid has predicted a future shortage of water in the Wakulla Springs system as the population of the entire region continues to grow.  Derek Howard does not want to harm our Springs in any way.  Mr Howard wants the water and the Springs to stay pristine for the community and visitors, which will encourage more tourism.  Mr Howard is also concerned about the increase in traffic from the big trucks lumbering through our county with all the necessary bottling supplies being carried in and out of the county.  Wakulla county deserves a high-quality living environment, not rural roadways clogged with dirty, dangerous tractor-trailer trucks.  And for Leon, Wakulla and for our country, Wakulla Springs should be protected.  Caring for this natural resource is everyone's responsibility

My vote goes to Derek Howard.

Sue Damon

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