logo in green 125Big Bend Hospice would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to several members of our community. 

First, thank you to Dolly Mitchell, for her donation of a television with which we were able to provide a 98 year old patient with a replacement TV.   Due to the fact that our patient is alone most days, this is an especially meaningful donation. 

Second, thank you to Billy Mills, Major Larry Massa, Captain Billy Jones and A.J. Smith for the donation, loading and delivery of a freezer for one of our food pantries.  Because of this donation, our pantry will be able to receive and store more food and therefore provide greater assistance to those in need. 

And, a special thank you to Sheriff David Harvey for his kindness and generosity to the patient’s and families in our community.  Sheriff Harvey has always encouraged his staff to support our needs – even when I call at the very last minute.

So, thank you, Wakulla County.  Billy, Dolly, Major Massa, Captain Jones, A.J., and Sheriff Harvey we sincerely appreciate you and all that you do.


Pam Raker Allbritton
Big Bend Hospice

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