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Wakulla Middle School

sac meeting postit cropped 125There will be a Wakulla Middle School Advisory Council meeting on Monday, April 2, 2012 at 2:30pm in room 130.

sac meeting postit cropped 125Wakulla Middle School will host a School Advisory Council (SAC) meeting on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 2:30pm in room 130.

sac meeting postit cropped 125Wakulla Middle School will hold their next School Advisory Council Meeting on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 2:30pm in room 130.

important date graphic 125Wakulla Middle School (WMS) will hold a School Improvement Meeting on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. in room 130.

academic-awards-imageWakulla Middle School held their 2011 8th Grade Awards Assembly on Friday, May 20.  The following students received awards and recognition.

Laureate:  Sierraunna Andrews

Oracle:  Haley Brown

GPA Top Ten Honor Court:

Sierraunna Andrews
Haley Brown
Holli Capps
Ashley Carr
Brian Edge
Christina Evans
Rebekah Fielder
Kenzie Lee
Marina Petrandis
Albrey Sorrell



Mr. Robert Wells Classes: 

Kayla Lanier (Advanced Math)
P. J.  Rose (Advanced Math)
Clayton Burroughs (Advanced Math)
Heather Carlton (Language)
Hunter Hurst (US History)
Citizenship Award:  Katelyn Abraham
Extra Effort Award:  Hunter Hurst    

Mr. Rick Myhre's Classes:

Albrey Sorrell (US History)
Albrey Sorrell (Earth/Space Science)
Austin Cruse (Earth/Space Science)
Sierra Andrews (Earth/Space Science)
Sierra Andrews (US History)
Allison Barrow (US History)
Citizenship Award:  P. J. Rose
Extra Effort Award:  Hailey McKnight

Mrs. Bridget Lee's Classes:

Shelby Hawkins (Reading)
Christina Evans (Reading)
Keefer Beaty (Reading)
Albrey Sorrell (Language)
Albrey Sorrell (Reading)
Sierra Andrews (Language)
Citizenship Award:  Hannah Tinsley
Extra Effort Award:  Kinsey Miller

LYNX HIGHEST TEAM GPA:  Haley Brown & Holli Capps


Mrs. Ruth Glisson's Classes:

Hunter Hurst (Algebra)
Jacob Chane (Algebra)
Rebekah Fielder (Algebra Honors)
Matthew Welch (Math)
Mackenzie Standley (Algebra)
Austin Poppell (Language)
Citizenship Award:  Mackenzie Standley
Extra Effort Award:  Holli Capps

Ms. Karen Sanders' Classes: 

Lateshia Curry (Earth/Space Science)
Rebekah Fielder (Earth/Space Science)
Rebecca Faircloth (Earth/Space Science)
Holli Capps (Earth/Space Science)
Logan Taylor (Earth/Space Science)
Marina Casey (Language)
Citizenship Award:  Cody Worrill
Extra Effort Award:  Michael Appleby

Mrs. Deidre Walker's Classes:

Rebekah Fielder (Language)
Logan Taylor (Reading)
Lateshia Curry (Reading)
Mackenzie Standley (Reading)
Holli Capps (Reading)
Haley Brown (Language)
Citizenship Award:  CiCi Green
Extra Effort Award:  Trinise Evans

Ms. Katherine Spivey's Classes:

Mackenzie Standley (AVID)
Josie Brooks (US History)
Holli Capps (US History)
Paxton Stanford (US History)
Brian Edge (US History)
Cody Twist (US History)
Ashley Carr (Language)
Citizenship Award:  CiCi Green
Extra Effort Award:  Johnathan Fell


Holli Capps--Justice B.K. Roberts
Mackenzie Standley--Mary L. Roberts
Alexia Allen--Wakulla Bank
Kendria Williams--Robert G. Carter
Jessica Hinthorn--Harry Morrison

ALL “A” AWARDS 2010-2011

Sierraunna Andrews
Haley Brown
Holli Capps
Ashley Carr
Brian Edge
Christina Evans
Rebekah Fielder
Kenzie Lee
Albrey Sorrell
Mackenzie Standley
Paxton Stanford


Sierraunna Andrews
Haley Brown
Holli Capps
Ashley Carr
Brian Edge
Christina Evans
Rebekah Fielder
Kenzie Lee
Albrey Sorrell


Leonard Blanton
Holli Capps
Christina Evans
Tekia Gay
Silesia Green
Cory Landrum
Kayla Lanier
Kenzie Lee
Jacob Price
Paxton Stanford
Taylor Tillman




1st Place – Albrey Sorrell
2nd Place – Ashley Carr
3rd Place – Jacob Chane
4th Place – Brian Edge, Haley Brown, Ryan Dodson, Brandon Geiger, Nathan Green

water-balloon-fight-picWakulla Middle School has had a word war this year.   Every week the grade level number of words read totals were reported, with the 8th grade being the ultimate winner. 

Wakulla Middle School SAC Committee Meeting Scheduled for February 18

sac meeting postit cropped 125.gifThe Wakulla Middle School SAC Committee will meet on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 2:30 p.m. in Room 130 at WMS.  

If you are unable to attend, please contact Angie Gentry at 926-7143.

This announcement originally published on January 29, 2010.

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Wakulla Middle School 2009-2010 School Supply Lists

wildcat logo black white 125.gifClick on each grade level below to download a copy of that grade level's school supply list for the 2009-2010 school year!  School begins for Wakulla County students on Thursday, August 13, 2009.  The first day is an early release day.  Click here for school hours.

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Ms. Jump and Ms. Stringer's Class

Mrs. Strickland's Class

This information originally published on August 3, 2009.

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Millions of Words for Wakulla Middle School Students

pile of words 150.gifSeveral Wakulla Middle School students have reached a new milestone.  They have read millions of words this school year.  This is just from reading library books and does not include the reading they did for classwork.  Teachers can access reports through Accelerated Reader to document students’ successes.

The following readers consumed more than a million words in 2008-2009:  Marina Casey, Travis Parks, Hannah Tinsley, Dylan Wight, Karisa Misamore, Arielle Ganey, MacKenzie Murphy, Katherine Butler, Jamie Faircloth, Hunter Mckaye, Steven Nichols, Candace Austin, Jeffrey Barnes, Jamie Norup, Caleb Weaver, Lexy Bartel, Alyssa Beaulieu, Tyler Carrier, Victoria Zamora, Gage Barton, Justin Barnes, Cassidy Cooper, Madison Harris, Nathaniel Hibbert, Marlee Kelley, Tamia Potter, Morgan Sweat, Skye Woolf, Chione Young, Heather Baumeister, Madelin Pickett, Briana Schubert, Ian Burse, Carley Csonka, David Damon, Minh Hoang, Gabriel Hutchins, Adrienne Nelson, Jacob Oliver, Aleyda Plagge, Hunter Tondee, Andrew Bracci, Jasmine Maxwell, Michael Mounts, Caitlyn Ortega, Katlyn Trowell, Chase Shappard, Jerri Wales, Savanna Harris, Hannah Lanier, Michael Schnorr, Shelby Shiver, Kasey James, Lucas Stinson.

{sidebar id=3}More than two million words were read by Kevin Flanagan, Tori Thatcher, Chelsi Arellano, Shakeno Lindo, Hunter Majeris, Alyssa Shubert, Annalise Torres, Matthew Bateman, Jessica Scarborough, Kelly Smith, Destiny Lalonde, Cody Noffsinger, Marina Petrandis, Aubrey Sorrell, Maria Crawford, and Alexander Lewis.

The Three Million Word Club includes Emily Westmark and Melissa Gentry.  Reading in excess of four million words were Christina Evans and Josh Yost.  Special recognition goes to Holli Capps who logged an astounding 6,949,957 words!

WMS salutes these avid readers!

This article originally published on June 19, 2009.

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Wakulla Middle School Inducts New National Junior Honor Society Members

njhs key image 2.jpgWakulla Middle School held its National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony on the evening of Tuesday, May 19, 2009, inducting 56 seventh graders and two eighth graders into the school's chapter.  Students received official certificates from NJHS Sponsor Karen Amison and WMS Principal Jo Anne Daniels after participating in the traditional candle-lighting ceremony.

NJHS President Mitchell Darnell led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance, then the remaining five NJHS officers each took turns lighting colored candles to begin the event.  Vice-President Savanna Harris lit the candle representing "Scholarship"; Secretary Brittany Evans lit the candle representing "Citizenship"; Treasurer Katelyn Furnish lit the candle representing "Service";Parliamentarian Caleb Weaver lit the candle representing "Leadership"; and Historian MacKenzie Butler lit the final candle representing "Character".

Each prospective new NJHS member was then called up to the stage to light their own candle, thus receiving entrance into the WMS NJHS Chapter.

group photo 450.gif

New seventh grade members are:

Kyle Alexander
Macy Allen
Meagan Black
Nichole Buchanan
  Ian Burse
  Lauren Casto
Parker Coleman
  Michael Cooper
  Carley Csonka
Cody Dahms
  Gil Damon
  Maurice Dennis
Justine Evans
  Shana Furnish
  Melissa Gentry
Elizabeth Goble   Ryan Graddy
  Brianna Gubala
Shelby Harrell
  Madison Harris   Alex Hester
Nathaniel Hibbert
  Gabe Hutchins
  Logan Kelley
Marlee Kelley
  Gina Kestel
  Shane Lumley
Jacob Oliver
  Jacob Martinez
  David Mathis
Sara Mathis
  Jasmine Maxwell
  Doran McFalls
Sam Messer
  Adrienne Nelson
  Bryan Nichols
Aleyda Plagge
  Tamia Potter
  Kerri Sanders
Alyssa Schubert
  Briana Schubert
  Ava Shaw
Brittney Smith
  Daniel Stewart
  Morgan Sweat
Ethan Terry
  Diwata Thomas   Amie Tindal
Jacey Todd
  Hunter Tondee   Annalise Torres
Emily Westmark
  Charity Wilson
  Jessica Wise
Skye Woolf
  Chione Young    

New eighth grade members are:

Delmesha Calloway        
  Tyler Carrier


Congratulations to all the new Wakulla Middle School National Junior Honor Society members!

Please click here for a Photo Gallery of the ceremony!

This information originally published on May 27, 2009.

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Wakulla Middle School Announces Top Readers for 2008-2009 School Year

A lucky 27 students went to El Jalsico's on May 12, 2009 for a lunch on the school.  Wakulla Middle School took its' top 10 AR point earners, and all of the students who read the 15 Sunshine State Young Readers' choice books.  The top 10 point earners for the 08-09 school year are:

#1  Holli Capps
#2  Christina Evans
#3  Emily Westmark
#4  Beau Cook
#5  Melissa Gentry
#6  Ashley Carr
#7  Chelsi Arellano
#8  Hunter Majeris
#9  Alexander Lewis
#10  Matthew Bateman

Congratulations to them all for a job well done!

ar wildcat kids at el jalisco may 2009.gif
ar wildcat kids at el jalisco 2 may 2009.gif

- Becky Thomas, WMS Librarian

This announcement originally published on May 15, 2009.

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Wakulla Middle School Holds Mock Election 

vote08s.gifWakulla Middle School hosted its annual student mock election, in conjunction with the University of Virginia this past week.  Superintendent David Miller presented Mrs. Sherida Crum, Supervisor of Elections with the Wakulla Spirit and American Pride Award.  Wakulla County School Board members along with Wakulla Middle School are certainly grateful for all of the time she has spent toward the continual civic education of our county’s youth.

Throughout the day students voted online for their individual choice for President and the Congressional Race in District 2.  Several students were assigned the responsibility to work the polls helping with verifying student registration, passing out log-in codes and assisting students with the overall process. 

The poll workers included:  Rachel Kessler, Selina Williams, Austin Fleetwood, MacKenzie Butler, Hannah Taylor, Jack Battle, Natalie Crum, Shante Grimmett, Leah Maxey, Chelsea Carroll, Jeff Barnes, Candace Austin, Hunter Chatham, and Ryan Taylor.  The voting results will be available later this month.  Superintendent David Miller, Principal Mrs. Jo Ann Daniels, Assistant Principal Mr. Mike Barwick and Program Coordinator Mrs. Spivey  along with the entire faculty wish Mrs. Sherida Crum the best in her retirement.

Pictured:  Superintendent of Schools David Miller, Supervisor of Elections Sherida Crum, Wakulla Middle School Principal Jo Ann Daniels, and WMS Teacher Katherine Spivey. 

This article originally published on October 28, 2008.

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Wakulla Middle School Cited as Exemplary in Florida

superientendent miller jo ann daniels 001.gifEducators are concerned that the components of effective middle school programs have begun to disappear in Florida middle schools.  Many believe an increased focus on testing and accountability programs and a decreased focus on developmentally appropriate programs is responsible for this decline.  

A recently released report on “The Status of Programs in Florida Middle Schools” focused on this concern.  However, the report cited two Florida schools as examples of the few middle schools that have not followed this pattern.  One of those two schools was Wakulla Middle School!

Wakulla Middle School Principal JoAnne Daniels and David Miller , Superintendent of Wakulla County Schools (pictured), are pleased that their program was recognized as being one that has been able to maintain a balance between academic accountability and developmental responsiveness.  Over the years they have been able to succeed academically without giving up the essential components of an effective middle school program.

{sidebar id=1}According to the report, which was based on a recent survey supported by the University of Florida, the Florida League of Middle Schools and the Helios Education Foundation, these essential components include “interdisciplinary team organization, advisory programs, curriculum enrichment and exploratory programs, flexible scheduling, heterogeneous grouping, and intramurals.”  These are critical for the education of young adolescents, and in most middle schools they are being offered much less frequently than in the past. 
Fortunately for the students of Wakulla County, that is not the case.  Over the years they have frequently received an “A” grade, while they have remained committed to small teams, advisory, heterogeneous groups, integrated curriculum, flexible scheduling and the other components of high quality middle schools.

As the report noted, “it is possible for Florida middle schools to be both accountable and developmentally appropriate.”  Wakulla Middle School is a shining example.

Congratulations to Mr. Miller, Ms. Daniels, and the entire faculty, staff and students of Wakulla Middle School!

This article originally published on October 28, 2008.

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Wakulla Middle School Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting Scheduled 

sac meeting postit cropped 125.gif{sidebar id=3}The next Wakulla Middle School SAC (School Advisory Committee)  meeting has been scheduled for Monday, October 27th at 2:30 p.m. in the Technology classroom. 

Please notify WMS SAC Chairperson Angie Gentry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you will be unable to attend.

This announcement originally published on October 7, 2008.

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Wakulla Middle School Students are Inducted into National Junior Honor Society

Wakulla Middle School held its annual NJHS Induction Ceremony on Tuesday, May 13 at 7:00 p.m.  Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA for the preceding school year and the first semester of the current school year in order to be inducted. 

{sidebar id=1}The 2008 officers spoke about Scholarship, Citizenship, Service, Leadership, and Character.  The officers are President Ashley Roberts, Vice-President Courtney Witzman, Secretary Jacqueline Baumeister, Treasurer Stephanie Cmehil, Parliamentarian Alyssa Porter, and Historian Sam Proulx.  Superintendant David Miller spoke to the students about the importance of academics and always striving to do your best.  NJHS is sponsored by Karen Amison and Sandy Byars.

8th Graders inducted were Mary Warren Adkinson, Tinh Dang, Brooke Edwards, Kelsie Largent, and Becca Pearce.  7th Graders inducted were Chelsi Arellano, Jeffery Barnes, Alyssa Beaulieu, Maryana Boatenreiter, Caleb Brown, Mackenzie Butler, Chelsea Carroll, Natalie Crum, Mitchell Darnell, Rachel Dix-Kessler, Bailey Estes, Brittany Evans, Katelyn Furnish, Kane Gaby, Peter Gonzalez, Shante' Grimmett, Sarah Hamel, Sashia Hancock, Kayla Harris, Savanna Harris, Brittany Herold, Haley Hurst, Hannah Lanier, Alexander Lewis, Courtney Leynes, Christine Mathers, Hunter Phillips, De'Jah Randolph, Dustin Roberts, Sydney Russ, Shelby Shiver, Ryan Taylor, Zachary Thomas, Tylher Tillman, Melissa Watts, Caleb Weaver, Zachary Wells, Selina Williams, and Victoria Zamora. 

njhs induction 2008 wms.gif
WMS National Junior Honor Society Members

This announcement originally published on May 14, 2008.


Wakulla Middle School Announces Tropicana Speech Contest Winners 

Wakulla Middle School held its annual Tropicana Speech contest on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.  The contest is open to all 6th graders.  The overall winners were 1st Place - Ian Burse “Being Me” (Tigers Team), 2nd Place - Sara Mathis “Cheerleading” (Lions Team), and 3rd Place - Madison Harris “Virtues of Sportsmanship” (Cheetahs Team).

Students wrote original speeches on a topic of interest to each student and were required to be 2 to 3 minutes in length.  The contest is sponsored by Sandy Byars of Wakulla Middle School and the 4-H Extension Office of Wakulla.

tropicana 2008 winners 250.gif
tropicana 2008 contestants.gif
Sara Mathis, Ian Burse, Madison Harris
  2008 Classroom Level Winners

Classroom level winners were:

Bengals Team

1st Place:  Justine Evans and Caitlin Rowley
2nd Place:  Ryan Graddy and Shelby Sanders
3rd Place:  Leah Kennedy and Travis King

Cheetahs Team

1st Place:  Madison Harris and Emily Westmark
2nd Place:  Parker Coleman and Amber Flowers
3rd Place:  Marlee Kelley and Austin Lacher

Lions Team

1st Place:  Shane Lumley and Sara Mathis
2nd Place:  Macy Allen and Michael Cooper
3rd Place:  Andrew Gunn and Cameron Jones

Tigers Team

1st Place:  Ian Burse and Jami Orr
2nd Place:  Melissa Gentry and Charity Wilson
3rd Place:  Carley Csonka and Gil Damon

- Submitted by Sandy Byars, WMS 

This article originally published on May 13, 2008.

Attorney General Bill McCollum Teaches WMS Students About the Dangers of the Internet

wms joanne mike.gifFlorida’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Attorney General Bill McCollum, arrived at Wakulla Middle School today and asked students assembled in the cafeteria, “How many of you have heard about or use MySpace?”  When 90% of the middle school students raised their hands, the Attorney General then said, “Today I will share internet tips with you that could save your life.”  (Pictured:  WMS Asst. Principal Mike Barwick, Attorney General Bll McCollum, WMS Principal Joanne Daniels.)

The Attorney General told the audience that one out of five students in Florida will be solicited for sex.  He added, “There are bad guys looking for kids.  When we were young our parents would say, Don’t talk to strangers.  Today the stranger is on the computer, in your house.”  The Attorney General warned not to provide A/S/L which is short hand for Age/Sex/Location.  He further added, “The most dangerous letters in the alphabet are LMIRL – which translates to Let’s Meet in Real Life.”  Several real life cases and testimonies were provided via video by students who barely escaped cyber predator encounters, with their lives.  The Attorney General warned the students, “It can happen to you.  There are people who are evil.”  He further cautioned the students about the dangers of putting info on the internet, “The internet is NOT private.  The bad guys know how to get into your information.”


supt ag jim.gif

Supt. David Miller, AG Bill McCollum,
Alan Rosier,
Jim Griner,
and Major Maurice Langston

  Supt. David Miller, AG Bill McCollum, and
School Safety Coordinator Jim Griner

Superintendent David Miller addressed the students by introducing key members of the Wakulla School District staff including, Jim Griner, Alan Rosier, Jo Ann Daniels, Mike Barwick, Deputy Bartel, Major Maurice Langston, Bob Myhre, Diane Price, Lori Lawhon and select teachers.  Superintendent Miller reminded the students that the teachers and staff at the school were always available to help them.  Superintendent Miller added, “I am concerned about student safety, whether our kids are in the classroom, on the school bus, on the athletic field or a field trip, or surfing the internet.  We want our students to know how to stay in control and how to report a problem.  Keeping Wakulla’s kids safe, in any setting, is priority one.”

Additional information, facts and myths of online risks, avoiding cyberbullies and safety tips are available at the following web-sites:

This article originally published on April 30, 2008.

Top Readers at Wakulla Middle School are Recognized 

wms 2008 300.gifThe top 10 Accelerated Readers at Wakulla Middle School were recently recognized.  These students have accumulated the highest number of Accelerated Reader (AR) points in the school so far this year.

Accelerated Reader is a computer program which allows students to take quizzes on books (both fiction and non-fiction) they have read.  Students receive instant feedback in the form of a percentage correct score.  Points are assigned to each AR book based on its length and level of difficulty.  Students earn points based on their  percentage correct on each quiz. 

The top 10 Acelerated Readers for Wakulla Middle School are:

Emily Westmark    6th    500.4
Chelsi Arellano
Matthew Bateman
Belle Robinson
Josh Yost
Brandon Trumbull
Zach Broadway   8th
Jamie Faircloth
Brett Green
Colby Loftin
  200.7   Burse

Congratulations to them all!

- Submitted by Mrs. Thomas, Librarian, WMS 

This information originally published on February 12, 2008.

Wakulla Middle School Science Fair Winners are Announced

wms 2007 science fair winnersm 275.gif Wakulla Middle School held its annual Science Fair December 6, 2007.  Every science student created a science fair project for their class and was allowed to enter the school wide fair.  The topics were varied and covered 12 areas of science.  Consumer Science and Physics had the most entries, and over eighty students competed in this year’s fair.

Seventh grader, Savanna Harris won First Place Best of Show with her Physics experiment entitled “Breaking Waves”.  She was followed by her sister, winning Second Place Best of Show  sixth grader Madison Harris with an Engineering experiment entitled “Building Bridges”.  Third Place Best of Show was awarded to Marlee Kelly for her Consumer Science experiment entitled “Testing Fishing Line Strength”.  (Pictured above:  Savanna Harris, Marlee Kelly, and Madison Harris)

The first, second and third place winners for each of the areas of science are as follows:

Behavioral Science:  1st Jacque Baumeister, 2nd Jasmine Daily, 3rd Brooke Saladin;

Biology- 1st Aleyda Plagge, 2nd Melissa Gentry, 3rd Joshua Wilson;

Botany:  1st Ashley Lawhon, 2nd Tyler Tatum, 3rd Becca Pearce;

Chemistry:  1st Brianna Gubala, 2nd Ian Burse, 3rd Logan Kelly;

Consumer Science:  1st Marlee Kelly, 2nd Shannon Egler, 3rd Natalie Crum;

Earth Science:  1st Whitley Todd, 2nd Terri Swanger, 3rd Christy Sanders;

Engineering:  1st Madison Harris, 2nd Anthony Lanier;

Environmental:  1st Nick Davis, 2nd Danielle Brown-Nelson, 3rd Ramsey Lynn;

Health Science:  1st Ashley Roberts, 2nd Gil Damon, 3rd Jeffrey Miller;

Physics:  1st Savanna Harris, 2nd Gabe Hutchins, 3rd Daniel Burse;

Technology:  1st Caitlin Rowley, 2nd Shelby Harrell;

Mathematics:  1st Stepanie Cmehil, 2nd Shelby Shiver.

Guest judges knowledgeable in their fields evaluated the projects.  Every student who entered in the school science fair created a backboard and logbook, and participated in an interview with the judges.  A fieldtrip will be planned in the spring for first and second place winners.  Congratulations to all the students for their hard work.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the Science Fair winners.  

- Submitted by Katherine Spivey, WMS 

This article originally published on December 26, 2007.


Wakulla Middle School

May, 2007

As the school year comes to a close, the students and staff at Wakulla Middle School put the finishing touches on another successful school year.  We’re very proud of our students’ success and academic accomplishments that they have achieved during the year.

interview sceneExcitement fills the air on the Pumas Team.  Students in Ms. Piland’s class are learning why good communication skills are important.  Partnering with Workforce Plus, the students attend a resume writing workshop given by Kimberly Moore.  Students learn how to list the skills and the experience they have in a positive light.  They also learn all about the application process and what to expect in a job interview.  As part of the program, students visit local businesses and participate in formal interviews.  Selected student then get placed in summer jobs.  These students are getting first hand career experience, are able to link their schoolwork success in the job world and are earning their first real paycheck.

computer stationBack in April, FAMU professor Dr. Jason Black and several of his computer science students visited Wakulla Middle School to give a presentation on computer science careers to seventh and eighth grade students in Mr. Thornton’s World Wide Web/Computer Applications classes.  The program focused on the dire need for good computer scientists in a wide variety of fields ranging from medicine and engineering to media and video games.  Dr. Black emphasized financial benefits and assured students of how promising a career in this field is.

{sidebar id=1}The Leopards Team recently completed their team unit on China.  During their journey through China, students made paper lanterns, wrote traditional Chinese poetry, and created banners that represented their chosen clans.  The team celebrated completion of their unit with a team wide Chinese buffet.

The Cheetahs Team has been busy as well.  Ms. Gentry and Ms. Miller just recently completed an interdisciplinary unit that combined rebop genetics and language arts.  Students created rebop creatures using genetic principles learned in life science and then wrote children’s adventure stories involving their rebops.  Students on the Cheetahs Team also participated in the Great Mail Race.  Students wrote letters to sixth grade classes across the United States and are expecting return letters soon.

sports equipmentCongratulations to all the Wildcat athletic teams who competed this spring.  Each had successful seasons.  Coach Jump’s softball team finished the year 14-2.  Coach Jump’s squad will return many sixth and seventh graders from this year’s team that is sure to make next year’s season successful as well.  The baseball team also did well.  Both Coach Sandgren and Coach Collins were pleased with the team’s performance finishing the year with an 8-4 record.  Everyone is excited about the completion of our new on campus baseball field.  Thanks to all those who have supported us in this endeavor.  Our girls track team successfully competed in three meets this year.  Many wildcats placed in the individual events.

The bands at Wakulla Middle School have had a busy spring.  The seventh and eighth graders marched in the Valentines parade and the sixth grade band performed at the Crawfordville Spring Festival.  Seventeen seventh and eighth grade band students participated in the District Solo and Ensemble Festival with all students receiving one of the two top ratings given.  The spring concert for the seventh and eighth graders and jazz band was given in April.  The concert was also given for the student body at the school.  The sixth graders are to perform in May for the upcoming sixth graders and also will be performing at the Wakulla Educational Center for the preschoolers.  The eighth graders and jazz band will also visit Medart and Crawfordville Elementary Schools to perform for students there.  The seventh grade band will conclude the performances for the bands by playing Broadway musical selections at Eden Springs as a part of a grant received this school year.  Many thanks go out to our hard working band director Laura Hudson.  Through her hard work and dedication, our band program continues to be outstanding.

dmiller2 125mitchell2 125And last but not least, special congratulations go out to Mr. Derek Miller and Mrs. Gina Mitchell.  Mr. Miller was selected Teacher of the Month for March and Mrs. Mitchell was selected Employee of the Month for March as well.  Both are treasured employees and contribute greatly to the success of our school. 

As we finish out the school year, we look forward to continuing the high standards of education as we welcome our incoming sixth graders as well as our returning students.  We will certainly miss our exiting eighth graders and wish them well as they continue their education at the high school.

This article originally published on May 23, 2007.

Wakulla Middle School Makes Writing History

logo 125On February 6th, every fourth, eighth, and tenth grader in the state of Florida took a writing exam called the FCAT Writing + test.  Each student was given one of two pre-determined writing prompts; the topics were  unknown to both students and teachers prior to the test.  A 45 minute time limit was given in which each student had to write a two page essay on his or her given topic.  The essays were then sent to the Department of Education where each essay was scored by two separate, highly trained judges.  The final essay score was based on the overall quality of the essay, and was ranked on a scale of one to six, with one being the lowest and six being the highest.  An essay had to be well focused and organized, technically accurate, and very creative in order to receive a score of six.

The scores for this year’s FCAT Writing Plus test were released on Wednesday, April 25th.  Wakulla Middle School was ecstatic to find that a record thirty-five of their eighth graders had received a perfect six score and thirty-seven students had received a score of 5.5 (average with one judge giving the essay a six and one judge giving it a five).  This means 72 of 162 students, or 45% of eighth graders at Wakulla Middle School received the highest score possible from at least one judge on this exam.  In addition to this phenomenal achievement, 92% of all eighth graders at WMS received a passing score of 3.5 or higher.  WMS teachers, staff, and Principal JoAnn Daniels are very proud of the hard work these eighth graders put into reaching this milestone.

Students receiving a perfect six score were Kelsey Alyea, Mitchell Barker, Kaylee Chatham, Shelby Coleman, Wayne Cotner, Marshall Harvey, Shawna Jones, Courtney Marcionette, Delia Ostojich, Haylee Phelps, Taylor Saladin, Hayden Tondee, Andrea Torres, Pierre Barfield, Raheem Bascom, Maya Bateman, Chelsea Brower, Jasmine Casey, Joshua Dismuke, Shawn Dolce, Rebecca Douin, Olivia Garcia, Sterling Guilford, Kayla Haley, Chase Land, Nikki Leo, Brooke Luke, Benjamin Martinez, Autumn Porter, Hannah Proulx, Heather Pumphrey, Sarah Roberts, Megan Spears, Blair Tucker, and Kelsie Tully.

Wakulla Middle School’s combined score average of 4.9 put them well above the state average of 4.1, and the district average of 4.6 makes Wakulla County the number one school district for eighth grade writing achievement in Florida.  A county-wide eighth grade reward for this spectacular academic feat is being planned by Wakulla Middle School principal JoAnn Daniels and Riversprings Middle School principal Dod Walker.  Way to go eighth graders!

- Cindy Burse, WMS Teacher 

This article originally published on April 30, 2007.


Wakulla Middle School

February, 2007

Excitement fills the air as Wakulla Middle School enters the new year.  The Wildcat students and staff look forward to the many challenges and opportunities the new semester brings.  WMS welcomes one new member to the Wildcat staff.  Ms. Donna Noltee takes over as our new intensive reading and math teacher.  We are fortunate to have her and look forward to the many educational opportunities that she will bring to our students.

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