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veteransday 175Riversprings Middle School students celebrated American veterans this year by writing original poetry in their honor. Below are two of the poems written by RMS students and submitted by 8th grade teacher John Kane.  Says Kane, " I hope your readers will enjoy the following poems written by our students.  I'm sure our local veterans will appreciate knowing that the children of our communitiy see them as the heroes that they are."

Poem for American Soldiers

To the American Soldiers
Who are reading this now
Know that you are thought of
And that you make us proud

Know that you‘re loved
For all that you do
Know that we care
And appreciate you

You make us feel safe
In you I have no doubt
So ignore all the enemies
That just scream and shout

Because you are our soldier
You have outstanding pride
And even if you have your doubts
We’re grateful that you tried

For you we will pray
Because our safety is in your hands
We love how you protect us
As much as you can

So whenever you feel alone
Remember we care
You’re in our hearts
You will always be there

Your courage will never be forgotten
It will stay deep within
Being cherished for all it’s worth
Till the very end

By Marisa and Ashley
8th Grade U.S. History
Riversprings Middle School

The Hero

The bravest man I know
Is the one I’ve never met;

He left behind his loved ones
But in his heart is where they’re kept.

To sacrifice everything
To face what is unknown;

For people he will never meet
To keep freedom for us all;

So thank you, brave hero
For all that you have done;

To keep us safe and free
And all united as one.

By Mariah
8th Grade U.S. History
Riversprings Middle School

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