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Medart Elementary School

November 2006

Jennifer Anderson

Medart Elementary has been quite busy this fall.  Fourth grade students were treated to two fantastic field trips.  The first was sponsored by the University of Florida/IFAS, 4-H, the local school board, and “Florida Ag in the Classroom.”   Students went to “Ag Adventure Day” in Quincy at the University of Florida’s Research and Education Center.   Students boarded trams that were pulled by tractors and were taken to the farm where they participated in many events.  The activities included a session on corn in which students learned about the history of corn, and products that are made from corn, and then they went through a maze made in a corn field.  After this students were given popcorn to eat.  Students went to a soybean station, where they learned about soybeans, and sampled food products that are made from soybeans.  Following that, students learned about peanuts, sampled boiled peanuts, and even got to pull peanuts from the ground.  Students also got to see cotton plants, pick cotton, and learn of the history of cotton.  Maybe the most fun of all was playing in the pumpkin patch.  The children got a short lesson in the squash “family” of which pumpkins are members, got to have a pumpkin muffin, and finally, got to take a pumpkin home.

The second field trip was to St. Augustine.  The fourth grade went via charted buses to Florida’s first city.  They visited the Alligator Farm, the Fountain of Youth, took the downtown trolly tour, and toured the fort, followed by time to shop afterwards.  It was a very educational experience, and fun was had by all.

Kelly Corrigan’s kindergarten class has been having snacks to go with the letters they are learning most weeks.  Nov. 16th was “G” which was celebrated with grandparents visiting and eating Granola with their grandchildren.  They are starting to read “magic” words, which are high frequency words.  They have been writing numbers and have started shapes in geometry and started working with simple fractions.

Mrs. Worrill’s kindergarten and Ms. Kelley’s Pre-First classes enjoyed some “ghoulish and ghostly” Halloween activities together.  With the help of several parent volunteers and Wakulla School District recent retiree, Alice Stokely, the students made ghost pop suckers, a witch’s popcorn hand, bobbed for apples, played pin the nose on the ghost, musical hoops and pass the pumpkin along with two bean bag toss games.  A fun time was had by everyone.

Student Council sponsored Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 23-27 and each day had a different theme.  Monday was the traditional Red Ribbon Day and students wore red ribbons.  Tuesday was “Drugs Won’t Find Me Day”, and students dressed in camouflage.  Wednesday was “Scare Away Drugs Day” and students could wear a scary face to school, Thursday was “Life’s Sweet when You’re Drug Free Day,” and students were treated to lollipops, and Friday was pajama day to celebrate, “Follow Your Dreams, Not Drugs Day.”

Medart Elementary students were treated to their second annual Project Learning Tree Week, November 13-17th.   PLT committee members who planned the event include:  Audrey Alessi of Native Nurseries, Rob Beaton of Florida Fish& Wildlife Conservation Commission, David Moody and Robin Will of St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, along with Medart staff members Laurie Beaton, Margy Callaghan, Margaret Davis, Charlotte Hoover, Laura Kelley, Michele Lawhon, Belinda McElroy, Brooke Mohr, and Diane Perez.  The theme for this year is “Florida’s Environment from a Native Perspective.”  All students participated in activities provided by guest speakers and faculty members.

Monday’s presenters were Jennifer Anderson with Wakulla Environmental Services, author Timothy Weeks who presented his books Wise Mullet of Cook Bayou and Ol’ Middler Saves the Day, Audrey Alessi with Native Nurseries who presented “Native and Invasive Species”, Christy Force with Tallahassee Museum who presented “Native Americans”, and David Mihalik with BASF Catalysts LLC who presented “Fossils.”

Tuesday’s presentations included Andy Edel, “Lighthouse History,” Gill Hepple with Florida Wild Mammal, Jeff Hugo with Wakulla Springs speaking on Native Americans,  David Moody with St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge showing students how to do GPS tracking, and Bill Boydston of San Marcos Museum, informing on the History of St. Marks.

Wednesday included Bill Boydston again, Andrea White of Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research, Jeff Mohr a Blacksmith, Ashley Kwiatkowski with the Museum of Florida History, and Robin Will with St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge presenting “Signs of Fall.”

Thursday presenters were Beekeeper Jeff Lawhon, Emily Yates with National Park Service Archaeology, Betty Green with Wakulla County Historical Society who shared “Looking Back at Wakulla History,” Sammy Tedder of Wayward Wind Productions, John Edrington  of the Coast Guard speaking on Boat Safety, and Andrea White of the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research.

Friday, Betty Green and Andrea White were back with their presentations as well as teachers Connie Worrill and Brooke Mohr spoke of Native Americans, and Jane Storm of Thomasville Schools had Star Lab, Emily Yates of the National Park Service spoke on Archaeology and the day finished with Air Shows by the Seminole Radio Control Club and Hobby Town USA. Whew!! As you can tell, we were quite busy, as each class got to go to eight different sessions throughout the week. There was truly something for everyone.

Finally, congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Anderson, fourth grade teacher, and Mrs. Rachael Ryan, third grade teacher, who are both expecting little girls this spring.

This article originally published on November 26, 2006.

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