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boxTops4Education-image-150Parents of Wakulla County students:

Box Tops are an excellent opportunity for our schools to earn money.

With this program, all you do is cut out the Box Top label (see right) including the expiration date and send it to school with your child.

For every Box Top collected our schools will earn 10 cents.  There are times when products offer multiple or even bonus Box Tops allowing our schools to increase their earnings.  To put it in perspective, according to, Medart Elementary earned $1,584 during the 2010-2011 school year!  So, you can see that they really do add up!

And remember, it's not just cereals that have the Box Tops for Education symbol on them!  There are many different products, and some are not always that obvious.  Click here for a list of products that have the Box Tops for Education symbol on them.

Please send your Box Tops to school with your child to turn in to their teacher.  Even if you do not have children in the system, maybe you could save them for a grandchild or a friend or neighbor's child.  In this time of deep budget cuts, every dime counts!  Thank you!

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