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Wakulla County School System Application Now Online 

CRAWFORDVILLE, FL - To expedite the hiring of the right teacher and the best staff member available, the Wakulla County School District has forged ahead with a 100% paperless employment application system.  “We went live with our online application on Monday, November 20th,” said Sharon Bachle, Personnel Specialist. 

Wakulla County Schools is committed to improving the efficiency of recruiting and hiring in our schools.  The school district now has a comprehensive web-based hiring tool tailored to fit their unique needs.  Go to, select the blue employment tab and CLICK HERE TO APPLY.  Karen J. Wells, Director of Human Resources believes, “The online application system is a quantum step forward in efficiency in hiring the best available teachers and staff.  This new system also enables our principals and district administrators to access applications from any computer.”

The online system will be used in recruiting at job fairs and college campuses as information is captured and follow-up mail-outs are made.  There are three computers complete with scanners and printers available for the publics’ use located in the Personnel Annex at 69 Arran Road in Crawfordville.  Any online computer will work though, whether you are at home, at the public library or at a friend’s home.  Angie Brinson, Risk Management Specialist adds, “If anyone needs assistance, we are happy to sit down with them and walk them through the application process.  The HR Department is here to serve.”

Have you ever forgotten to complete a section of an employment application?  This new online program will automatically send you a to-do list reminding you of what you need to complete.  Have you ever wondered if your employment application went into a black hole?  This system will enable candidates to check their application status.  Applicants can create job profiles complete with secure login, 24/7.  As a result, the Wakulla County School District is able to collect more applicant information; including job history, certification, preferences, skills, and training as the online application is customized.

Not only is this system more efficient, it is also environmentally friendly as it is paperless.  Superintendent Miller shares, “Accepting online applications makes a positive statement about our school district.  We expect our teachers to be technologically advanced and applying online is the first step in demonstrating that ability.”

- Submitted by Karen J. Wells, Director of HR, 850.926.0065, #256, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This article originally published on December 10, 2006.

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