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Wakulla Health Care Task Force
January 16, 2007

Members Present: Lynn Artz, Regina Compton, Marlon Hunter, Jeff Lawson, Rob Moss, Quin Noles, Joyce Patterson, Lat Penland, Cathy Price, William Tully, Stella Von Troil, Kris Whitten.

Welcome & Introductions

Approval of Minutes

Minutes were not circulated at this meeting.

North Florida Medical Center/Jeff Lawson

The Center will have a full-time physician (Dr. Scott Hansen) beginning the first of February.  Also, currently interviewing PA and ARNP’s for mid-level position.  Also, discussed concern regarding lack of representation on the Board.  Mr. Lawson stated that the Chairperson of the Board is actually a citizen of Wakulla County.  Mr. Lawson agreed to get back with Lynn Artz on the Chairperson’s name and number.

Children and Family Services/Kris Whitten

The Department of Children and Family Services no longer has a satellite office in Wakulla County.  The Domestic Violence Task Force last week discussed the impact that this is having on Wakulla citizens.  According to providers/members of the Task Force, citizens are having difficulty accessing DCF website.  Also, citizens are not able to comply with documentation demands, which require copying and/or faxing documents.  Providers have also expressed concern that when they did fax documentation for a client, DCF stated they never received it.  Marlon Hunter stated he would contact DCF regarding this issue.  In the meantime, it was suggested to contact Americorp to inquire about the possibility of obtaining assistance for clients.

Community Based Mini-Grants/Lynn Artz

Melvina Wilson emailed Lynn a possible mini-grant opportunity for the Task Force to seek.  The money ($2,000-$5,000) can be used for physical fitness, preventive screening, nutrition, and healthy choices.  The Task Force expressed interest in applying for a grant to address tobacco issues in the community.  More information will be obtained in the near future regarding the application process and deadline. 

Provider Updates

TMH Wakulla Family Medicine: TMH is actively recruiting a physician to replace Dr. Lutz. In the meantime, Dr. Von Troil is assisting with the caseload.

Wakulla County Health Department

Step Up Florida will be held on February 15th at Azalea Park from 10am to 2pm.  Health Providers are encouraged to have an exhibit.  Contact Melvina Wilson, Chronic Disease Coordinator, at 926-3591 for more information.  It was brought to the Task Force attention that the Christian Coalition plans to have a Health Fair at Hudson Park on the 17th.  Marlon Hunter accepted responsibility of contacting the Coalition about the possibility of merging the two activities.  Marlon also announced that the Health Department is expecting funding in the near future for a position to address tobacco prevention.


Addressed concern of various members regarding shortage of physicians in Wakulla, as well as, services for indigent patients.  In regards to physicians, the Task Force offered to assist in introducing prospective physicians to the community.  Also, discussed ways the County could assist in retention of physicians i.e.:  offer scholarships to local students who agree to return to the county.  In regards to indigent patients, Wakulla Medical Center should be fully staffed in the near future.  Also, the Health Department continues to entertain the idea of providing Primary Care again. Currently, the Health Department is waiting to see what happens with Medicaid Reform before embarking on such a plan.  Dr. Von Troil expressed interest in addressing the county’s needs while at the Health Department two days per week.  Marlon agreed to staff with the Nursing Director and conduct an assessment.  In the meantime, Wakulla Medical Center offered to post a flier about services at the Health Department.

Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting is scheduled for February 20th at 6pm at the Wakulla County Library.

These minutes originally published on January 18, 2007.  

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