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A Healthy Weight Is All About Balance

national nutrition month logo 150 Achieving a healthy weight doesn’t come in a “one size fits all” package—everyone’s body is different and lifestyles just aren’t the same from person to person.

The thing to remember is, balance what you eat with what you do.  Following this simple formula allows you to indulge in an afternoon snack or a fabulous dessert once in a while but still remain on the road to wellness.

Here are some simple steps to attaining “mind-over-matter” balance:

  • Power up with power foods—green veggies, red and blue fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean meats provide a burst of nutrients in relatively small caloric packages.
  • Order once but enjoy twice.  After receiving your entree in a restaurant, immediately pack up half.  It will make a great (and filling) meal the next day with the addition of some different more veggies, crisp salad, or both!
  • Snack from a plate, not from the bag—you’ll stay more aware of how much you’re eating.
  • Park further away from the door at work, the mall, even at home.  This small step can add up to big rewards when you start slimming down!
  • Plant a veggie and/or herb garden.  You’ll be more active plus have great fresh additions to your menus!

Basically, if you burn more calories than what you are taking in, you’ll lose weight and gain physical fitness and better health.  So go ahead and enjoy a scoop of ice cream after dinner or a cookie or two in the afternoon.  Just be sure to make up for the small indulgence with a little more activity.  You’ll find that you can have it all!

March is National Nutrition Month as recognized annually by the American Dietetic Association with a theme for 2007 of “100% Fad Free”.  This 100% Fad Free, back to the basics article is taken from the Florida Dietetic Association (FDA) Focus Newsletter, August, 2006, Volume 7, Issue 4 – available online at

- Rick Parks, Registered Dietician

This article originally published on March 9, 2007.


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