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flu-shot-imageCrawfordville—The Wakulla County Health Department has begun their fall immunization clinics and are encouraging all children 6 months of age and older to come get their shots.

tick 75Wakulla County—Ticks love our springs and summers and return to the business of spreading diseases during our beautiful weather.

mosquito photo 125Our mosquito control division, as with many others, is facing a severely reduced budget for the 2012 mosquito season.

2009 health dept logo 150Navigating health care and general assistance systems of any area can be difficult.  Trying to find services for all ages makes it even more difficult.

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cpr-graphic-150The Wakulla County Health Department is offering an adult/child/infant CPR training on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

quit smoking now logo 200If you are ready to quit smoking, you are encouraged to attend the Big Bend Area Health Education Center's (Big Bend AHEC) free class/support group "Quit Smoking Now", a curriculum developed by ex-smokers for those who want to become ex-smokers themselves.

athlete-cooling-off-with-waterThursday August 11, 2011 — In the wake of recent student athlete deaths due to excessive heat, the American Red Cross recommends team officials, coaches and parents take steps to help ensure the safety of their players during extreme heat.

sweating-person-150As August brings higher temperatures in Wakulla County, Padraic Juarez, MS, RS, CPM, administrator of the Wakulla County Health Department, urges individuals to be aware of the warning signs of heat exhaustion.

mosquito photo 125The Wakulla County Health Department reminds residents and visitors to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes that may cause encephalitis disease.

type-2-diabetes-imageLast month, BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) sent out an announcement asking K-12 teachers and students to complete an online survey about type 2 diabetes.

mosquito photo 125Tallahassee-- The Leon County Health Department announces that there has been increased mosquito-borne disease activity in Leon County.

logoThe Wakulla County Health Department needs your help.  In partnership with the Apalachee Center for Community Mental Health, Disc Village, and others, a survey of key leaders, providers and families is being conducted between now and September 10, 2010.

lady-looking-at-cake-200One of our readers sent this information in today and thought it might be of interest to some of you!  Read on!

mosquito photo 125The Wakulla County Health Department reminds residents and visitors of the importance of protecting against mosquito-borne diseases during the summer rainy season, which includes peak mosquito activity months.

TALLAHASSEE – As part of Florida’s ongoing efforts to help ensure the health and safety of individuals regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) is reminding Florida’s residents and visitors to avoid contact with oil products such as tar balls and tar mats.

The tobacco industry has developed a new way to deliver nicotine.  One of the newest products is called Camel Orbs.  This new product is sold as pellets made of finely ground tobacco with mint or cinnamon flavoring. 

2009 health dept logo 125As a part of the on-going response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, daily 24/7 air quality monitoring is being conducted to address public concern for crude oil vapors. 

mosquito photo 125MOSQUITO SEASON IS HERE!!!

The Wakulla County Health Department (WCHD) has added a DEDICATED phone line specifically for Mosquito Control. 

Clint Rayner, Florida’s chief of Consumer and Family Affairs at the Department of Children and Families, had the promise of an exceptionally productive life snatched from him in 1990 when he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 40.

Wakulla County and Tallahassee Mental Health Groups Sponsor Crisis Intervention Training 

Law-enforcement, correctional and emergency professionals are in training this week for working with people in mental crisis.

More than 30 registrants from counties in the 2nd Judicial Circuit, including Leon and Wakulla, are participating in the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) at the Wakulla Correctional Institution.

The weeklong classes are being co-sponsored by the Tallahassee and Wakulla County affiliates of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

“We are very excited about this great response to the CIT and our opportunity to offer it,” said Charlie Creel, president of NAMI Wakulla. “As our emergency responders and  law-enforcement officials know, dealing with people in crisis is a predictable challenge. The CIT course is designed to shed light on even better ways to handle it.”

This is NAMI Wakulla’s first sponsorship of CIT; the organization has been in operation since January 2009. 

But NAMI Tallahassee has been involved with the training program since 2004, and the certification of about 250 law-enforcement officers from virtually every agency in Leon County, said Richard Stephens, a NAMI Tallahassee member, Tallahassee Police Department volunteer and CIT coordinator.

“The result of the training is “a better understanding of and appreciation for challenges faced by both families and law enforcement officers,” Stephens said.

The long list of Leon County training includes the Tallahassee Police Department, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, both Florida State and Florida A & M universities, Tallahassee Community College, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

This information originally published on April 28, 2010.

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Florida Drug-Control Chief and Former Military Leader to Speak in Wakulla on Veterans’ Mental Health

bruce_grant.gifU. S. Army Col. Bruce D. Grant has been involved in battles of one kind or another for most of his life.

Grant has held key military positions as an infantry officer in Europe and Bosnia, and, after retirement from a 27-year military career, he returned to the front in 2005, as a volunteer in Mosul, Iraq, when the fighting was at its worst.

Today Grant has accepted leadership on a familiar stateside battleground as the director of Gov. Charlie Crist’s Office of Drug Control, where he works to defeat two of the U. S. veterans’ cruelest enemies: drug abuse and mental illness.

In this ongoing war, Grant will speak at NAMI Wakulla’s public meeting on Monday, March 22nd, about the challenges of veterans and their families.

The veterans’ battles are significant.

Veterans afflicted with drug abuse and serious psychological distress are in greater numbers than the non-veteran population, according to a 2004 – 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health survey.

The NSDUH report also concluded that young veterans – 18 to 25 years old - were more likely to suffer than veterans older than 50, and veterans making less than $20,000 a year were in the highest risk category.

Before Grant accepted Crist’s appointment in 2009, as director or the Office of Drug Control, he had been chief of Counterdrug Law Enforcement in Gov. Jeb Bush’s administration, as well as chief of staff.

In Mosul, Grant was the deputy team leader of the Provincial Reconstruction Team serving with the 101st Airborne Division.

After his return, Grant was the assistant secretary for the Florida Department of Corrections, in charge of community corrections from 2007 until 2008.

As a resident of Tallahassee, Grant has been an active volunteer as a scout leader and youth baseball coach. He is married and has four children.

NAMI Wakulla, an affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, will begin its meeting at the Tallahassee Community College Wakulla Center at 6:30p.m.

Everyone is invited.  Admission is free.

This information originally published on March 10, 2010.

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Click here to discuss this topic in our Online Discussion Forums.

Per policy, all reader comments (submitted below) must include a valid first and last name.

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