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iris flower pic 150June Meeting and Plant "Sale"

We had a wonderful time at Tamara's home for our June "make it and take it" workshop.

We toured her lovely yard, had lunch upstairs in her beautiful home and then went out and created hypertufa planters to take home.  Thank you, Tamara, for hosting our meeting.  Dorothy Pate has offered to host next year's "Kate Brimberry" meeting at her home.

Hypertufa Leftovers

There are still 2 planters, bowls and other materials that were left behind after the June meeting.  I'll bring them to the September meeting for members to claim.

Trees at New Community Center

You may have noticed cords and white discs around some of the trees at our new community center located at the intersection of Shadeville Hwy and Trice Lane.  Members of our local native plant society have been checking the health of the trees in that area.  They hope to inspire the county to save as many of the healthy trees as possible when clearing and new construction begin in the future.  Arborist John Melton assessed the health of the trees being marked for saving.  Sarracenia FNPS members helped John chart the location, circumference and species of each healthy tree.  They found that nylon cord and a plastic disc work well as permanent markers for numbering the trees.  Please help by saving the plastic lids from margarine tubs and dairy products so they can continue their project.  Bring the lids to Iris GC meetings or give to David Roddenberry, president of Sarracenia FNPS.  We still need over 100 lids to finish the project.  

Changes to Yearbook

In early September I'll be printing up the new member yearbook pages so they can be distributed at our first meeting in September.  Please let me know if there has been a change in your contact information so I can keep everything up-to-date.

Garden Workday at Senior Center

Tamara is back at the senior center and needs your help getting the gardens ready for Fall plants.  A GC workday will be held on Tuesday,August 30 from 10:30-12noon

Youth Gardening

Wednesday and Thursday will be youth gardening days at COAST Charter School in St. Marks.  We will meet with each PreK through 5th grade group once every four weeks.  I'll get with the middle school Science teacher to arrange working with the older students.  We probably won't be creating any new gardens this year since we have plenty of room to work with the students already.  Please let me know if you will be able to help with this project.  Most of the groups meet for 45 minutes early in the day.  We have a great time learning together.  Feel free to pick an age group you'd like to help with or let me know if I can call on you for special projects.  I try to keep each group down to 12 or fewer students.

I don't expect anyone to be there every day or even every week that I'm there.  Remember, I also volunteer in the school library and help with small group tutoring.  Parents help me with the library but I would like some garden club members to help with the youth gardening projects.  You'll have a great time working with the children.  They love their garden club days.

Library Workdays

Have you noticed how the native plant area at the library is coming along?  Sheri, Marilyn, David and I have continued planting, weeding, watering and deadheading the plants through the hot summer months.  The native plants are thriving and spreading over the area.  We will continue working on the native area whenever we can but I need help to clean up the non-native area along the main entrance.  I'm scheduling a workday for that area on Tuesday, August 23 from 8:30 until 11:30 AM.  It shouldn't take long if a group of dedicated workers show up to pull the grassy and viney weeds and trim along the sidewalk.  The entrance to our library really should look nicer but I'm kept busy with too many projects already.

Arbor Day Tree Order

I'll be making the tree order for Arbor Day 2013 in the next few weeks.  Send me suggestions for what types of native trees you would like us to purchase.  The trees will be picked up next December or early January while they are dormant, planted in gallon pots and be given away or "sold" for donations at the next Arbor Day.  Letting people give donations for extra trees has made this a "no cost" event for the garden club.

September IGC Board Meeting

The board and any interested members will meet at the library in the small conference room at 1:00 on Tuesday, September 6.  This year's budget and programs will be discussed.


Bill Petty, Dorothy Pate and Annette Malik volunteered to find programs for this year's meetings.  The September meeting will be about gardening for butterflies, hummingbirds and other native pollinators.

New Officers

Bill Petty has agreed to be a vice president for this term.  Tamara Byrnes is the other vice president.  Thanks to you both.  I know I can depend on both of you for help.  Dorothy Pate will remain as corresponding secretary.  I'm pleased to say that Dorothy is doing a great job in that capacity.

Missing Camera

I seem to have misplaced my digital camera.  I think I had it at our May meeting at Lorraine & Victor Lambou's home.  It is a Kodak Easy Share Z700 that was given to me by my eldest son before he was deployed to some god forsaken place many years ago.  It is in a blue cloth camera bag.  Please let me know if you know of its whereabouts.  I use it to take pictures of many family and garden club activities.

Jeannie Brodhead, President
Iris Garden Club of Wakulla County,Inc

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