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wchs-logo-249x187-gif-versionHello WCHS Members and Friends,

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 13, 7pm at the Wakulla County Library.

hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Field Trip to the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge:  Saturday, April 7

iris flower pic 150Here's a recap of what we will be up to:
The Iris Garden Club of Wakulla County, Inc. will be holding their biggest money maker of the year on April 14, 2012.

iris flower pic 125Here's a recap of upcoming events for the Iris Garden Club of Wakulla County:

iris flower pic 150It must be Springtime in the Panhandle when we are greeted by chirping birds early in the morning.  It’s also the time of year when many people get the itch to go outside and plant something.

hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Hairstreak Chapter Calendar for 2012

Happy New Year!  Click here to download our 2012 calendar.

hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Hairstreak Chapter Calendar for 2012

We are finalizing our 2012 calendar during the next few weeks and mailing it to subscribers on our e-mail list.

Happy Holidays from Camp Gordon Johnston World War II Museum in Carrabelle, Florida.


tallahassee-ghost-toursHistoric 2011 Ghost Walking Tours will be held in downtown Tallahassee on October 20, 21, 22 and 23.  Meet characters from the past who enjoy sharing their tales of woe.

st-marks-photo-club-logo-cleaned-upHello Everyone,

Our October Meeting (Oct. 15) will be a work day at the Crane pen.  We really need volunteers to come help us ready the pen for this years birds.  See below and please respond if you can HELP.

chat logo 125Monthly E-News from CHAT of Wakulla, Keeping You Informed:  September 2011

hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Tate’s Hell State Forest field trip:  Sunday, September 25th

On Sunday, September 25th, we will take our first chapter field trip to Tate’s Hell State Forest in Franklin County.

iris flower pic 150June Meeting and Plant "Sale"

We had a wonderful time at Tamara's home for our June "make it and take it" workshop.

hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Joe Budd Wildlife Management Area (WMA) field trip:  Sunday, August 14th

This is our chapter’s first summer field trip to Joe Budd WMA just west of Tallahassee and will be exploratory in nature.

hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Butterfly Conservation Program for Apalachee Audubon Society - Thursday, April 28
hairstreak-chapter-logo-2Apalachicola National Forest - Munson Hills field trip - Sunday, March 26

The Munson Hills Off-Road Bicycle Trail just south of Tallahassee is not only a great place to get some exercise but also an excellent place to go butterfly watching.

iris flower pic 125March Meeting

We have planned a hands-on activity for this month's meeting on Tuesday, March 15. Dorothy Pate's landscaper friend, Dave gave us a variety of palm seeds. I've done some research and collected some supplies. We will learn about propagating fleshy and hard seeds. Everybody will be able to take a future palm tree home with them. I'll bring hand-outs, seeds, tools, pots and perlite and we'll have a good time learning together. Bring a friend or neighbor to learn along with us.  

Bring something to share if you want to contribute to the refreshment table. Items for the raffle table are also appreciated. We need to begin setting up by 12:15 to be ready for the 1:00 meeting. This meeting will be held at the Wakulla County Public Library at 3220 Crawfordville Hwy (US 319).

Arbor Day Celebration at Hudson Park

Our annual Arbor Day celebration at Hudson Park was a success. Over 500 people signed in and took home a free tree and we collected enough donated money to pay for next year's trees. We still have some persimmon, black gum and basket oaks that can be obtained for a $3.00 donation per tree. The basket oaks were donated after Arbor Day was over.

Missing Pictures

We need to gather the albums depicting the history of the Iris Garden Club of Wakulla County. They would make an excellent addition to the wonderful museum that is being created in the old Wakulla County Jail. If you know the whereabouts of any of the old pictures and albums please let me know. We'll be going through the ones stored at the library and putting them in order.

Muhly Grass

You might have noticed that 7 of the muhly grass clumps in the library landscaping look a little singed. Two Sarracenia members are doing an experiment. They had been told that burning the grasses will make them healthier so they cleared around seven of them, waited for a dry day with a slight breeze and torched the seven clumps. The other clumps of grass were clipped back in the usual way. They looked like little hedgehogs after their "haircuts". When I last checked, all of the clumps of grass are putting on new growth. Now we will find out which ones grow out the healthiest. No animals were harmed in this experiment even though quite a few grasshoppers were observed making a quick exit.  

FFGC State Conference

The state conference will be held in Ocala on April 14-16. Details are in the Florida Gardener and on the FFGC website.

New Nametags

I'll be making a new nametag for each person on our membership list before our next meeting. I found a clip art depicting the native iris that our club was named after and decided that we all need matching nametags that fit in the clip-on holders.

Plants for Sopchoppy

Our biggest money maker of the year is coming up on the second Saturday in April. The Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin' Festival is where we have our annual Plant Extravaganza. For this to make enough to support our community programs, we need plants to "sell" for donations.

Potting Party

We will be having a potting party at the work area in my back yard on Friday, March 18. We have a few things here that are ready to be potted but we need your help in finding more. Look around your yard (and your friends' yards) for things that can be donated for our plant "sale". Look for plants that need to be divided or thinned. Keep them in water or wet soil and bring them when you come. I'll have pots, soil, water and a fenced storage area ready for the plants

Call 926-2264 for directions.

Newest Member

Be sure to welcome our newest member, Teressa Cook to our club. Her address is 359 Alexander Road in Crawfordville. Her mailing address is P.O.Box 263, Crawfordville 32326. She can be contacted at 926-7433 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This Month in the Garden

If you haven't already fertilized your fruit trees, camellias, azaleas and just about everything else, do it now. The plants are putting on their spring growth and they are hungry! Be sure to use a low pH fertilizer for your azaleas, camellias, blueberries irises and other acid loving plants. Wait until warm weather to fertilize your palms. A slow release fertilizer with micronutrients is best.

New Iris Garden Club Email Address

You may have noticed messages coming from our new email address. I set up a gmail address so board members can easily communicate with the group. I'll be showing our treasurer and future president how to log on and use this new feature.

Our new address is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spring District lll Meeting

The Spring 2011 meeting will be held in Tallahassee on May 6, 2011. Let's plan on a large group of Iris members attending.  Remember, we will pay the registration fees for board members and active community heads.

Iris Garden Club Shirts and Yearbook Covers

Angret has our new garden club shirts. Let's get some club identity going by wearing our shirts on workdays and for local events. The blue Iris Garden Club notebooks are on sale at every meeting for $8.00. They contain information about the club and provide space for the membership pages that are given to members at the start of every year.

Garden Therapy

Tamara needs garden club members to help on the last Tuesday of each month at the Wakulla County Senior Center. The seniors work from 10:30 until noon on those days. If you haven't seen the results of their hard work, be sure to stop by for a visit. The seniors are really proud of the area and enjoy working on it.

Youth Gardening

This month the PreK, Kindergarten and first grade classes are planting zinnia and gaillardia seeds. The 2nd and 3rd grade groups planted potatoes and will continue planting spring and summer vegetables in the raised gardens. The 4th and 5th grade groups are working on the front butterfly garden and the native plant gardens. The middle school group is working with the hydroponics unit and the back butterfly garden. They are learning how to test the water in the hydroponics unit for pH and nutrients. We needed 8 gallons of distilled water for the hydroponics unit. I'd like to thank the COAST Science teacher, Sigrid Fain for loaning us her distiller.

Library Workdays

We will continue to have library workdays on the second Tuesday of each month but feel free to pull weeds from around the native azaleas, coonties and muhly grass whenever you have the time. Our local native plant society group is also helping with this area. We'll keep pulling weeds and planting more wildflowers as time goes on. We have recently put in a few more wildflowers and a Chickasaw plum. The plants that we put in last year are coming back and are doing great. There are flower buds on many of them. If you have attractive wildflowers on your property that you would like to add to the wildflower area, let me know.


Tuesday,March 15, 2011 Iris Garden Club meeting 1:00-Come early to help set up and see the "slide" show!

Tuesday,March 29 Senior Center Workday with Tamara 10:30-Noon

Tuesday, April 5,  Board Meeting WCPLibrary 1:00-2:30- Everybody who wants to help plan and make decisions is welcome to attend.

Jeannie Brodhead, President
Iris Garden Club of Wakulla County, Inc.
FFGC District lll Youth Gardening Chairman

chat logo 125Monthly E-News from CHAT of Wakulla, Keeping You Informed

order-of-confederate-rose-logo-croppedOrder of Confederate Rose, Florida Society, Mary C. Gwaltney Chapter #18 in Wakulla County, Florida.

Wakulla County Historical Society April 2010 Newsletter

Click here to view the April 2010 Wakulla County Historical Society Newsletter.

This information originally published on April 28, 2010.

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What Is the Wakulla County Coalition for Youth?

{sidebar id=3}The Wakulla County Coalition for Youth is a growing body of people who promote healthy youth development by preventing problem adolescent behaviors such as substance abuse, suicide, violence, delinquency, school drop-out, and teen pregnancy.  The Coalition fosters collaboration and cooperation among all providers and agencies serving Wakulla in order to leverage efforts and better serve the needs of Wakulla youth, and thereby, families.

In practice, this collaboration means Coalition partners listen intently and with respect to reports from the Department of Juvenile Justice or the School District or the Health Department or the Sheriff’s Office or from the YMCA or Extension Office or from the Mental Health or Substance Abuse provider networks or Parks and Rec or County Commission as they report their respective efforts in healthy youth development.  In these meetings, gaps are sometimes revealed and the Coalition responds by shoring up – to greatest extent possible – holes in needed programs or services.  It is a dynamic process that has resulted in genuine collaboration, and shared leadership toward a shared vision for Wakulla Youth. 

Meetings are held monthly, the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30 p.m. at the TCC Wakulla Center.  The public is invited and the WCCY looks forward to your participation and  increased participation by Wakulla Clergymen and women, and by middle and high school youth who want to become change agents.  There is a place at the table for everyone genuinely committed to positive youth development. 

shelley swenson and ken gambill.gifRecent Coalition projects include:  Publication of a Resource Directory – the culmination of eight months of work led by Shelley Swenson of the Extension Office and Volunteer WAKULLA leader Ken Gambill, and aided by all Coalition leaders to include Commissioner Artz who insured that Health Care needs were also included.  (See photos from recent  Resource Guide distribution).  The guide lists services available in Wakulla County and it is currently being distributed to people in places of referral; ie, enforcement officers, EMS, Firefighters, Health, BOCC, School Guidance and a host of others who are daily asked the question “who do I call, or where do I go for… HELP WHEN NEEDED..”  Ultimately the Guide will make way to the web site for constant update and correction.  The web site too is a new initiative, now being designed and developed by the Wakulla High School web design class.

lynn artz.gifAnother current effort by the Coalition is the Be the Wall social marketing campaign designed to remind parents and all adults to "Be the Wall" between alcohol and their kids.  Wakulla takes seriously its responsibility to promote healthy youth development.  Underage drinking is not a right of passage, and while most Wakulla youth do not drink, the consequences when they do drink are serious.

Across the nation, throughout Florida, and in Wakulla County prevention planning by Coalition Leaders has led to reduced levels of risky behaviors by youth through focus on positive development of children and youth.  It’s a process that studies behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, actions and consequences that leads to the greatest of outcomes… happy, healthy, thriving young adults.

If you are interested in knowing more,  come to a Coalition meeting, or call 528-7137 to learn more.


(Above left):  Shelley Swenson and Ken Gambill speak before the Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners.
(Above right):  Commissioner Lynn Artz at a recent WCCY meeting.

This article originally published on April 8, 2010.

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Wakulla County Historical Society March 2010 Newsletter

Click here to view the March 2010 Wakulla County Historical Society Newsletter.

This information originally published on March 16, 2010.

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Per policy, all reader comments (submitted below) must include a valid first and last name.

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