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Walter-EricksonWalter Mauritz Erickson, of Crawfordville passed peacefully at home on Saturday, November 20, 2010.

Walter will always be remembered as a kind and gentle soul.

Walter enjoyed playing the “ponies” while in N.Y and eventually carried his love of playing the lottery down to Florida where he retired in 2005.

Walter was a twin to the late Lorraine Bigler of Brooklyn, N.Y.  

He is survived by his sister, Janet Zeneski, of Crawfordville; his half-brother, Raymond Heiser, of Manorville, N.Y; and is survived by his four nieces who will fondly remember him as “Uncle”:  Laurie Wells, Stacey Lutkins, Jennifer Zeneski-Jones and Brandy Bluenke, all of New York.

Walter is also survived by his great nephews and nieces:  Randy, Rachel, Brandon, James, Christopher, Patrick, Breeanna, Jaylee, Patience and Trinity.

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