Some people were not aware that a couple of months ago, the new County Commission inadvertently abolished our Shell Point/Oyster Bay Golf Cart Community Ordinance and passed a new countywide ordinance that did not allow for night driving of golf carts.

The new ordinance also required annual inspection of golf carts (for a fee) and raised the age limit of cart drivers from 14 to 16 on county roads.
With the help of Sheriff David Harvey (who opposed inspections) and several of your neighbors who attended last night's commission meeting, we were successful in getting the commission to initiate action to, basically, reinstate the provisions of our original Shell Point/Oyster Bay Golf Cart Community Ordinance that has served us so well for six years.  The proposal passed on a 4 to 1 vote with Commissioner Lynn Artz voting "No."
We are grateful to our neighbors, who took the time to come to the meeting, and to Sheriff Harvey, Commissioners Jerry Moore (who introduced the Agenda item) and to Chairman Mike Stewart and Commissioners Randy Merritt and Alan Brock, who voted with Commissioner Moore to reinstate the provisions of the original Shell Point/Oyster Bay Golf Cart Community.

It is interesting to note that, during the six years our Community has been an official "Golf Cart Community" designed according to Florida Statutes, there have been no accidents, injuries, arrests or citations involving any golf cart driver in our Community.  This includes the 14 & 15 year old drivers and people driving properly equipped golf carts at night.  There has not been a single accident, injury nor safety issue involving golf carts because of faulty equipment due to lack of safety inspections.

Because our neighborhood uses golf carts to go to Shell Point Beach and to visit one another, we have been literally saving thousands of gallons in fuel, leaving county parking spaces available to visitors at the beach, and reducing "environmental pollution" with battery powered golf carts.  I guess you could say that Shell Point and Oyster Bay are way ahead of the curve!

Alan Lamarche
Shell Point Community

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